Whether it is a commercial project that you are working on or a large industrial project having the right materials and suppliers will not only ensure the job is done to the best possible standards but it will also save you time and money in the long run.

Here we will look at why ready mix concrete for both commercial and industrial construction is a go to material for your concrete requirements.

What is ready mixed concrete?

Ready mixed concrete is exactly as the name suggests it is concrete mixed and delivered ready to use rather than you having to mix it yourself on site.

Ready mixed concrete is made up of cement, water and aggregates and it is mixed specifically to your requirements meaning it is perfect for your individual project.  All ready mixed concrete has standards in the UK and here at All mix we ensure that all our ready mixed concrete will adhere to BS8500 so rest assured you will always have the highest possible quality.

Here are a few of the many benefits and power of ready mix concrete in commercial and industrial construction.

  • Quality and consistent – Ready mix concrete is always mixed to the consistency required and even if you have more than one batch the quantities are the same, so the quality of the finished product is always high. You are always guaranteed to have concrete that is perfect for your project when using ready mixed concrete.
  • Saves time – Using ready mixed concrete helps you to save time as the concrete is mixed for you and delivered so you do not have to mix this yourself on site.
  • Lower costs – As you are not having to mix the concrete yourself you can save on having to hire mixing equipment, storage and even labour of having someone to mix it for you. All in all, when added up saves money on your project.
  • Eco benefits – Using ready mixed concrete is better for the environment as waste is reduced due to precise amounts being mixed. Also, less machinery is needed and less bags all in all benefitting the environment.

If you have a commercial project or industrial project and require concrete contact All Mix today and we can be sure to help you.