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Boom Concrete Pumps

Boom concrete pumps can be used to access difficult sites, even if there is limited pedestrian, wheelbarrow or vehicle access. A boom pump utilises a hydraulic arm to lift the hoses and pipes up and over obstacles.

The required concrete is mixed on site in our volumetric trucks, and placed into a pump hopper, where it can be pumped into pipes that are carefully lifted into place to access difficult locations.

For example, a boom pump can lift the delivery hoses over buildings, fences, walls, etc. to pour the concrete from above into the required site. They can also be used to deliver concrete to sites at height, for example, the hydraulic arm can lift the hoses onto roofs or into high rise buildings.

Why Hire a Boom Concrete Pump?

  • Easy delivery to inaccessible sites
  • Speed up delivery to sites at height
  • Limited groundworkers and labour costs
  • No mess – reduce the damage from barrows
  • No excess concrete – metered delivery from volumetric trucks

Boom pumps can be used to access sites that would otherwise be inaccessible, or very difficult to access. Even if the site is easily accessible with barrows, a boom pump can considerably speed up the process of pouring large quantities of concrete directly, so your job can continue within the quoted time frame. This also means that you can protect your work site from concrete spills and wheelbarrow damage, and you will have more time to work the concrete before it cures.

Boom pumps are cleaner, quicker and easier than borrowing concrete, so if you have a large project, hiring a boom pump can be the best solution to keep your project on track.

So if you wish to take advantage of All Mix Concrete’s modern and innovative fleet of boom concrete pumps, need a prompt service and are looking for a reputable, reliable company make sure you call us today on 0800 011 9279.

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