Volumetric Concrete Mixers have become increasingly popular for all sizes of project within the UK. Unlike traditional rotary barrel or drum mixers that transport pre-mixed cement or mortar to a site from the factory, volumetric mixers carry the raw materials such as cement and sand separately and then mixes them on site to meet the specific requirements of the customer.

The Benefits

This presents a significant number of benefits, beginning with the simple ability to produce only the required amount of concrete for the job from 0.5m3 for a small path or paving, up to 10m3 (double the amount of a barrel mixer) for large building projects. This reduces wastage and the overall cost and also offers adaptability to the job as it develops avoiding over or under ordering, but allowing additional concrete to be produced quickly if the job demands it.

The ability to mix the concrete on site enables the actual ratio of the mix to be altered in line with changing site and weather conditions, increasing efficiency and quality. In addition, the concrete from a barrel mixer has a limited usable time frame, which given the unpredictability of work on a building site can easily lead to escalating costs and delays.

A volumetric mixer can sit on site ready to produce concrete as soon as it is required and this gives workers additional time to work with the materials. Cement companies are able to pass on cost savings as a volumetric mixer can move from one site to the next without returning to the factory to refill. This allows customers to book a more precise time for its arrival. Once on site, if the job is more complex and requires different mixes of concrete this can easily be achieved by the one truck, rather than waiting for numerous barrel mixer trucks to arrive with what will hopefully be the different correct mixes of concrete.

Combined with their easy operation, Cement Companies are able to save money on both staffing and training, which in turn they can pass on to their customers. Additionally, the mixing is often computerised increasing its accuracy and improving the overall quality of the concrete. Environmental concerns can also be addressed as volumetric mixers produce significantly less waste and are far easier to clean, which has the added benefit of reducing overall maintenance costs, which again can be passed on to the customer. Similarly, the reduced number of truck journeys reduces the overall carbon footprint as less exhaust pollution is released per job.

Volumetric mixers already make up 10% of the ready-mix market and this is rapidly growing as customers quickly realise the advantages in moving away from traditional barrel mixers.

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