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Ground Line Concrete Pumps

Ground line concrete pumps are the ideal solution for transporting concrete to the required location, even if the site is located at a distance from the road so the concrete trucks can’t get close enough to pour directly into place.

The concrete can be mixed on site using our metered volumetric trucks. From there it will be discharged into the pump’s hopper, where it can be pumped along carefully laid pipes and hoses to reach the required location.

As a result, your work site can be kept much cleaner, with less chance of concrete spills from borrowing and less damage to the ground from repeated journeys with a heavy wheelbarrow.

Why Hire a Ground Line Concrete Pump?

  • Improved access to difficult sites
  • Fast delivery across long distances
  • Reduced manual labour and manpower costs
  • No spills – less damage and mess from barrows
  • Volumetric trucks to meter delivery – no waste or excess

Ground line pumps use industrial pipes and hoses to transport concrete across the ground, around obstacles, through buildings, and to locations with restricted space or access. For example, the pipes can be placed to deliver concrete to a basement room, or extended line pumps can be used to deliver concrete to a site at the bottom of a long garden.

Hiring a ground line concrete pump can also speed up the job. So if you have a large quantity of concrete to deliver to site, our pumps can pour directly into the required location without having to use wheelbarrows. This not only reduces your manpower costs, it also means the concrete will be placed quickly, giving you the maximum amount of time to work with it.

So if you wish to take advantage of All Mix Concrete’s modern and innovative fleet of ground line concrete pumps, need a prompt service and are looking for a reputable, reliable company make sure you call us today on 0800 011 9279.

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