If you are and expert or if you are new to DIY then if you are looking for help with the perfect concrete mix Allmix have put together a guide to enable you to mix perfect concrete every time for different project requirements. Using a perfect mix will mean that your concrete will be long lasting, safe and the best it can be for your particular needs.

The most simple of concrete mix is 1 sand 2 cement 4 aggregates mixed for half an hour to a smooth finish which is a mix suitable for concrete flooring .


Concrete grades tell you the strength of concrete after a 28 day period. Many concrete mixes abbreviate with the following;

Mix – M

Megapascal which is the compressive strength of the concrete – Mpa

Concrete compression is measured in pond per square inch – PSI

We found a helpful table that shows you a fantastic guide to various mixes for different concrete requirements;

Concrete Grade Mix Ratio (cement : sand : aggregates) Compressive Strength
MPa (N/mm2) psi
Grades of Concrete
M5 1 : 5 : 10 5 MPa 725 psi
M7.5 1 : 4 : 8 7.5 MPa 1087 psi
M10 1 : 3 : 6 10 MPa 1450 psi
M15 1 : 2 : 4 15 MPa 2175 psi
M20 1 : 1.5 : 3 20 MPa 2900 psi
Standard Grade of Concrete
M25 1 : 1 : 2 25 MPa 3625 psi
M30 Design Mix 30 MPa 4350 psi
M35 Design Mix 35 MPa 5075 psi
M40 Design Mix 40 MPa 5800 psi
M45 Design Mix 45 MPa 6525 psi
High Strength Concrete Grade
M50 Design Mix 50 MPa 7250 psi
M55 Design Mix 55 MPa 7975 psi
M60 Design Mix 60 MPa 8700 psi
M65 Design Mix 65 MPa 9425 psi
M70 Design Mix 70 MPa 10150 psi


It’s important to realise and ensure you get the best out of your concrete and use a mix most suited to your needs. We will look at now the different settings and uses for concrete and which mix to use.


C10 Concrete – This is used for domestic and commercial settings mainly for patios, pathways and outdoor gardens.

C15 Concrete – This is used for domestic and commercial for floor bindings and curbs mainly.

C20 Concrete – This is mainly a domestic concrete used for flooring, driveways and garages.

C25 Concrete – This is used for domestic and commercial projects and is used for foundations and floors.

C30 Concrete – This is a commercial concrete used in roads and driveways and some flooring.

C35 Concrete – This is a commercial large scale concrete used in external walls and buildings.

We hope this guide helps you with the mix requirements you need for your projects however if you need any assistance or have a concrete requirement contact the experts at Allmix.