Here at Allmix we believe that ready mix concrete is just fantastic with its ease of use and versatility you just can’t get a better choice for concrete. Let’s have a look why ready mix concrete is the reliable and convenient choice.

Saves on space and time:

Ready mixed concrete saves on time as you do not have to mix the concrete yourself it is already done for you. For larger projects this also means you don’t need to employ extra labour to do the mixing of the concrete. Storage space is also saved as you do not need to store bags of material or mixers.


Ready mixed concrete is proven to be of a higher consistent quality as it is mixed to specific requirements in one batch for your project. Mixing smaller batches is inconsistent and can be detrimental to your project.


Using ready mixed concrete means hazards are reduced. One of these being the dust from bagged materials which can get into the eyes and nose and mouth. Ready mixed concrete also reduces the safety risk of operating mixing machinery on site.

Environmentally friendly:

Due to the ready mixed concrete being missed to the precise amounts there is less waste which in turn is better for the environment.

In summery ready mixed concrete is much more convenient than having to mix concrete yourself. It helps to ensure that your project is completed with the least stress as possible. It is versatile and we think the best option for all concrete requirements. Contact us today if you have a ready mixed concrete need.