The practical uses of concrete:

Concrete is one of the most widely used construction materials in the world. It has many uses some of which may surprise you. Here we look at the practical uses of concrete and why we think it is the best material of choice.


  • Roads – Concrete has been used in roads for as far back as we can tell. Concrete for roads became more common after the Second World War as it was considered to be lower in cost than asphalt. If you are a driver the chances are you drive on a concreted road each and every day to make your journeys.
  • Car Parks – Concrete is used in car parks for not only surfacing but also for concrete parking stops and kerbs. This helps for parking spaces to be clear to all that are using the car park.


  • Foundations – Concrete is used in the foundations of almost all building constructions. This is what stops the building from collapsing. The foundations support the overall structure of any building. Without a strong foundation then a building will not stand strong and steadfast. Concrete foundations are not only extremely durable but they are also cost effective.


  • Tiles – Tiles are created using concrete and other materials. The concrete aspect of the tile is what gives the strength. The more expensive materials within tile construction include the glaze which gives a tile its lovely finish.


  • Exterior walls – Concrete siding is used on exterior walls is used to give a more aesthetically pleasing finish to the outer aspect of houses. Using concrete exterior walls helps to protect against harsh weather and wear and tear.


  • Concrete doors – Concrete doors are useful to help improve insulation and also help to decrease sound between rooms and also the outside. They are also very stylish and look pleasing to the eye.


  • Concrete paper – Concrete paper is a very durable, material and doesn’t tear or burn easily. It is also waterproof. Concrete paper is also recyclable which a winner is when it comes to the reducing of your carbon footprint.


  • Pavements – Concrete is used in pavements and can withstand all weathers. It is also less likely to develop potholes which makes it much safer.


  • Basements – Concrete slabs being used to develop basements help to protect what is stored in a basement as it will be weather proof and moisture is prevented.


All in all we think that concrete is pretty spectacular when it comes to a building material and we are sure that you may think so to after reading the ways in which concrete can be used. If you have a need for concrete contact us today and we will be more than happy to help.