Your driveway is the first thing that people see when they come to your property, and it is important
to make a good first impression. Not only is it important for a driveway to look good but you should
also consider the practical side of things. A driveway is one part of the house which is used the most
so needs to be given some thought as to the materials used and the type of driveway you go for.

It is also worthwhile thinking about the other driveways in the area, you do not want to go against
the whole look of the whole neighbourhood.

Concrete driveways are extremely popular and here we will look at the pros and cons of concrete
driveways and what is the cheapest concrete driveway.

Pros of a concrete driveway –

The concrete driveway is very hard wearing and easy to maintain. Concrete driveways look
aesthetically pleasing and are reasonably priced. There are many colours to choose from to ensure
that the driveway looks as you require for your home.

Cons of a concrete driveway –

Concrete is prone to discolouration as it is a natural material. There is also the possibility that
concrete will crack, however this is easily fixed.

How much does a concrete driveway cost?

There are many factors surrounding the cost of a driveway and the factors to consider include the

  • Design features – Any patterns, curbs and lighting may increase the cost the more intricate
    the design.
  • Shape and dimensions – The shape and dimensions will determine the amount of materials
    needed the larger the driveway the more it will cost.
  • Drainage – If drainage needs to be constructed this will increase costs.
  • Slope – the slope of the driveway and how much levelling is required will alter the cost of
    the concrete driveway.
  • Landscaping – If intricate edging is required then costs may creep up.
    If you have decided that a concrete driveway is for you then then you will want to work out
    what is the cheapest concrete driveway option. Imprinted and patterned c concrete will be
    more expensive than plain concrete as will coloured concrete.

If you do wish to invest in a concrete driveway our friendly team will be more than happy to
provide a free no obligation quote and run through ideas with you. Contact us today.