Many of our customers here at Allmix use concrete for driveways and we are often asked what the
best mix for a concrete driveway is, so we have put together this handy guide to provide you with
more information to help our customers.

Concrete driveways are made from concrete that is moulded into the driveway shape which can
withstand weights of between 5000-10000 pounds of pressure for every inch. This is why concrete is
such a good choice when it comes to choosing a material from your driveway.

Concrete is extremely robust and durable and requires little maintenance. Concrete is easy to clean with a simple hose down of water or can be swept with a brush.

The mixture used for a concrete driveway is gravel and water and cement.

Best mix for a concrete driveway

The mix for concrete for a driveway is important to get right. You need four components for a
concrete mix which are cement, sand, aggregate and water. The ratio of the components is crucial to
get right to ensure you have a strong, durable mix.

The best mix for a driveway using concrete

– 1 part cement
– Three parts sand
– Three parts aggregate

This will produce a 3000 psi mix of concrete.

To make the concrete mix for a driveway you need to follow these steps;

– Combine the cement, sand and aggregates which will form a paste when you mix this with
– The strength of the concrete is determined by the water/cement ratio
– If you use more water the concrete will be more liquid, and this will be weaker than a firmer
concrete mix
– You can measure the ingredients for the concrete mix using buckets
– Use the same mix throughout your project to ensure consistency

If you have a requirement for concrete for a driveway and would like more information, please do
not hesitate to contact the experts here at Allmix.