We get asked often is it cheaper to buy ready mix concrete or to mix it yourself. We will have a
look at the pros and cons of using ready mix concrete.

Ready mix concrete

Ready mix concrete is produced according to your building specifications and transported to you
using transit mixers. This is instead of you mixing in a cement mixer at your construction site with
sand and stone. Ready mix concrete come in three forms which are transit mix, shrink mix and
central mix.

The advantages of using ready mix concrete?

Ready mix concrete has many advantages lets have a look at a few of them here.

  • Economical –Using ready mix concrete is known to work out to be much more economical
    for your building projects and can dramatically reduce costs. By using ready mix concrete
    you will not have to purchase or hire machinery to mix the concrete on site. Employment
    costs will also be down as you will not need any labour to produce the concrete.
  • Less time consuming – Using ready mix concrete is clearly less time consuming as its ready to
    use state means that the construction process is quicker. You will not have to use precious
    time to mix materials or to churn the materials. Our ready-mix concrete is guaranteed to
    save you lots of time.
  • Better consistency – It has been proven that using ready mix concrete gives a better
    consistency this is due to the mix not having to be rushed due to time constraints on site or
    the raw materials being incorrectly measured. We ensure precision for each mix, and you
    can be guaranteed for a quality, consistent concrete.
    There are some cons of using ready mix concrete to make you aware of, these are as follows.
  • Transport issues – Ready mix concrete does need to be transported to your construction
    sire and if the location is far away this can sometimes cause delays. However, our
    dedicated team will always ensure your ready-mix concrete is delivered to you within
    the time frame promised.
  • Inventory – We must advise that you will need a specialist area dedicated to storing your
    ready-mix concrete as you may need to store this if you purchase the ready-mix
    concrete on bulk.

In simple we think that ready mix concrete benefits clearly outweigh the cons and it will also work
out much more economical for you in the long run.

If you are carrying out a construction project and would like to discuss your ready mix concrete
needs contact us for more information.