Concrete can be used in a variety of ways in modern architecture and design, from creating unique textures and patterns.

Concrete has been known for being used in industry for many years however it is becoming increasingly popular to use concrete for aesthetic purposes also in modern architecture and design.

Concrete can be cast into various shapes and designs using several textures to create decorative sculptures, furniture and art. Concrete counter tops are also increasing in popularity.

Here are a few ways in which concrete is being used in modern architecture.

Concrete counter tops – These are popular for bathrooms and kitchens. Concrete counter tops are durable and heat resistant and can be any shape that Is required. They can have different looks to fit your requirements which are making them very popular.

Pre-cast Concrete Panels – Pre-cast concrete panels are a popular choice for both commercial and residential construction. They are made by pouring concrete into a mould, then curing and finishing it before it is delivered to the job site.

Concrete Flooring – Concrete flooring is very low-maintenance and lasts a long time which makes it a fantastic option for both commercial and residential spaces. It can be left as-is for a modern, industrial look or you can stain the concrete to match your interior design.

Concrete Furniture – Concrete furniture is unique and modern and is becoming very popular in modern designs. Concrete has been used for furniture including coffee tables, planters, chairs, and benches. Concrete is versatile so can be made to match existing décor and use various colours and be formed to any shape.

Concrete Walls – Concrete walls are a popular choice for both exterior and interior designs as they are modern and very durable.

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