When considering concrete for any task, it is very important to calculate the amount that you will need accurately; if you have too little you will end up with a seam between batches (if the first load has already set) forming what is known as a cold joint.

Although not usually a massive problem, this isn’t ideal for certain structural applications. On the other hand, if you order too much you will have to pay for the excess to be disposed of, therefore incurring unnecessary cost.

Calculating the Metric Volume of Concrete

Calculating concrete quantities for regular 3D rectangular or square-shaped areas is fairly straightforward; you measure the length, the width, the depth, and multiply them all together. If the formwork for the concrete is more complicated, it may be a case of breaking the shape into several rectangular (or square) blocks or slabs, calculating the volume of each, and then adding them all together. Ensure that you don’t overlap any measured areas in your calculations, otherwise you will end up with excess concrete.

You will also need to ensure that the units of measurement you use are uniform and metric, so that the final result can be adjusted easily, if necessary, to cubic metres. Wet mixed concrete is measured and priced by the cubic metre (m³). It is also good practice to add 5-10% to the order volume to be certain you have enough.

All Mix Concrete provides customers with a simple online calculator to establish the quantity of concrete needed in rectangular or square volumes. It has the advantage of being able to accept any unit of measurement, imperial or metric, for each dimension, and then produce the result in cubic metres. The online calculator avoids a lot of fuss and reduces the chances of a silly mistake, saving money, time, embarrassment and frustration. Other triangular prism, cylinder, spherical or irregular-shaped areas are a little more tricky to calculate, and will require the use of specific equations.

The Advantages of using Volumetric Concrete Mixing

There is a more efficient method of ordering concrete available that virtually guarantees that you only pay for the exact amount you need. When you order a volumetric mix, the equipment and the materials with which to mix the concrete are brought to the site. Not only is this method the most cost effective way of ordering, but a qualified and experienced technician will ensure the ratio of the mix is precisely calibrated to suit the conditions, and are appropriate to your requirements however simple or sophisticated. You are therefore paying, not only for the concrete but also for the expertise of a trained professional to help you complete the task to a high standard.

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