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All Mix Concrete in Wigan

As one of the leading concrete suppliers in Wigan, All Mix Concrete provide high quality concrete to clients all across Wigan and the surrounding areas. Offering both on-site mixed concrete and ready mixed, All Mix Concrete offer concrete that is suitable for both professional and domestic use. These uses can include:

  • Renovations and extensions
  • Foundations and footings
  • A variety of domestic home improvements
  • Drives, garages, sheds and outhouses
  • All types of construction and commercial needs

Wigan Based Concrete Suppliers

As expert suppliers of volumetric concrete, All Mix Concrete is ideal for professional and domestic purposes and will mix on-site only the exact quantities required for each project. Not only is this a waste saving option, it also saves money too, meaning all customers only pay for the exact amount of concrete required. Our All Mix Concrete lorries deliver direct, so whether your site has restricted access, or you simply need concrete for a home improvement task, our expert team will deliver concrete and concrete pumps without delay straight to you.

If you would like to know more, contact All Mix Concrete today and speak to one of our experts for more information on our bespoke concrete and screed mix services.

With our customer satisfaction guarantee, you can be sure to only receive the exact amount of concrete required, so you need never worry about over-ordering on concrete again. Let All Mix Concrete save you money with zero waste and with no obligation to re-order.

Concrete Suppliers for Domestic Use

All Mix Concrete provide the highest quality concrete with the best in customer service. No matter the size of your project, from home extensions to complete garden, conservatory and driveway renovations, we are here to ensure all aspects of your project run smoothly.

With insider local knowledge, our team know their way around Wigan and the surrounding area like no one else, offering a speedy service and expert advice on arrival. All Mix Concrete will mix on-site, so you never have to worry about over-ordering or running out of concrete again.

Concrete Suppliers for Commercial Use

When ordering concrete for commercial professional use, we at All Mix Concrete understand timing and efficiency is paramount. We offer delivery slots to suit your schedule, and our expert team will always be on hand to offer their specialist knowledge. With experience across a whole remit of concrete use, from new build estates to construction assignments with million pound budgets, our team have on-hand experience from a wide variety of concrete projects. Our clients include businesses, sole traders and developers from all across Wigan and the wider surrounding area, with every concrete mix customised to meet the specifications of each individual client.

All Mix Concrete includes mortar and screed mixes too, using only the highest quality materials that mean better finishes and guarantee long lasting results. Each mix can be made bespoke on-site to ensure it meets the needs of your project.

Using state of the art volumetric mixing lorries, the All Mix Concrete team are able to maximise efficiency, ensuring all concrete mixed on-site always meets your exact specifications at the time you need it.

Suitable for both big and small commercial needs, All Mix Concrete offer next day delivery slots, along with visits to multiple sites per day if multiple pours are required.

Wigan’s Choice for Ready Mix Concrete

As all of our lorries are fitted with technologically advanced digitally metered delivery, you can be sure your concrete will arrive on time and exactly to the amount you ordered, saving you money every time. Say goodbye to waste disposal fees for good!

All Mix Concrete use only the most state of the art volumetric mixing plant and pumping lorries, which are able to reach a variety of different sites and areas quickly and efficiently. Our team also offer a complementary barrow service, so all deliveries can maximise your time and help keep your project on track.

To book your ready mixed concrete, just place your order with our expert team who will arrive in our state of the art vehicles to mix your concrete on-site at your specified time slot.

Why Use Ready Mixed Concrete?

Better Quality Control

As All Mix Concrete provide concrete mixed bespoke to your unique specifications, all mixes are quality controlled by our team of plant experts, ensuring a high quality product every time.

Always on Time

Mixing concrete is a laborious and time consuming process, which can often hold up projects and cause delays if not carried out correctly. With ready mixed concrete, all this time is saved, and best of all, ready mixed concrete can also be delivered direct to your site whenever you need it. Ready mixed concrete is the perfect money saving solution, cutting down on man hours and ensuring this time is better spent elsewhere.

Our pump and concrete delivery vehicles are always ready to deliver, cutting out the middleman and any associated stress.

Good for the Environment

The All Mix Concrete plant runs to maximise efficiency and avoid excess waste, and ready mix concrete means less waste too, thanks to our policy of only using the exact materials that are required for each project. This means no more left-over concrete, which is good for the environment too.

Efficient Ordering

Ready mixed concrete means you only use what you order. This efficient ordering process means zero concrete waste and can save you money, no matter how big or small the project at hand.

Wigan’s Choice for Concrete Screeds

Using only the highest quality raw materials for our screeds, we guarantee a final result that is hard wearing, smooth and lasts the test of time. All Mix Concrete provides a range of different aggregates for our screeds, ready mixed and perfect for tiling or commercial industrial flooring. No matter whether you require screeds for professional or domestic use, our expert team will be able to mix a bespoke screed to suit your requirements.

Our specialist and local team provide the best quality screeds at the most competitive prices, with our experts always on hand to give advice.

Contact All Mix Concrete today and speak to one of our friendly expert team to learn more about our services and customer satisfaction guarantee.

Wigan’s Choice for Concrete Flooring

With concrete floors required for a range of professional and domestic purposes, All Mix Concrete have a variety of concrete mixes suitable for any kind of concrete floor. Concrete flooring creates a hard wearing, durable base and our experts will ensure we provide the right solution for your floor.

Using only the highest quality materials, our expert team will mix on-site to ensure a long lasting, perfect finish in the exact concrete quantities you need.

All Mix Concrete have been serving customers all across the Wigan area and beyond for years, so no matter how big or small your project, whether for professional needs or domestic, why not call our team of experts today to find out how we can assist with all your concrete requirements.

Domestic Concrete

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