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Being one of St Helens’s leading concrete suppliers, All Mix Concrete aims to deliver the best and most superior concrete throughout St Helens and the wider areas therein. The company provides two varieties of concrete either as ready mix concrete or on-site-mixed concrete, which are exceptional for commercial purposes as well as domestic use. This gives our product a wide range of uses which include:

  • Home improvements.
  • Footings & foundations.
  • Construction and Commercial use.
  • Extensions & alterations.
  • Garage bases and driveways.

Concrete Suppliers St Helens

Using our volumetric concrete offers a perfect fit for both domestic and commercial customers, given the process used ensures the exact amount of concrete required is used on-site. This enables you to not only remove the risk in under ordering or over ordering concrete but has the benefit of saving you that extra cash by paying for what you need making it highly cost-effective to do so. Our company’s mixing trucks deliver the concrete directly to your residence or construction site located in St Helens and, combined with our pumping service, ensures we can reach hard-to-reach locations.

For customers wishing to get more information on any of the company’s services ranging from ready mix concrete and floor screeds, feel free to contact our professionals at All Mix Concrete today!

Domestic Concrete Suppliers

No matter how big or small your project is, All Mix Concrete prides itself on delivering a high-quality service. From laying out a driveway to building a conservatory or constructing just a garden wall, the company is committed to guaranteeing all your requirements will be met.

Coupled with our knowledge of the local area, we ensure faster job delivery through well-trained drivers who offer help as well as advice when they arrive. Since all the concrete is mixed on-site, you, as the customer, are reassured that the amount and type of concrete suit all your requirements. This ensures that you will never end up running out or having too much concrete as you work.

Commercial Concrete Supplies

As you undertake a commercial task, one of the critical factors involves reliability, which is crucial, and therefore we ensure prompt deliveries at any time that suits your needs. The highly trained staff at All Mix Concrete have undergone years of experience while delivering concrete to all sized projects ranging from new home builds to multi-million dollar construction jobs. Our range of customers includes developers, sole traders, builders, and project managers throughout St Helens and the North West region. We tailor our services as well as concrete mixes to meet every individual project’s needs.

The All Mix Concrete’s commercial mortar, screeds, and concrete utilize the best raw materials, which makes them long-lasting and gives them a quality finish that can be changed upon its arrival to meet your structural and quality requirements.

Expert teams at our company, as well as innovated state of the art volumetric mixing trucks, will guarantee your project maintain the desired specs despite the amount of concrete you need. Our highly efficient on-site mixing methods enable you to get the accurate measurements you need.

From the same day or next day delivery, whether multiple pours across multiple sites, All Mix Concrete is the first choice for ant small or large scale commercial development.

Ready Mix Concrete in St Helens

With our digitally metered and state of the art mixing trucks, deliveries are well measured to get the perfect amount of concrete to meet all your needs thereby ensuring you only pay for what you get to use! Our customers are, therefore, guaranteed a cost-effective service with no part loads or even waste disposal charges.

Equipment used at All Mix concrete is top of the line. It includes the volumetric mixing mobile plant and pump vehicles to enable us to deliver to a comprehensive location base quickly and easily. The company also gives a free barrowing service to get a customer’s concrete from the trucks to their locations as fast as possible. This saves time and effort, transferring the concrete yourself.

It is as easy as giving our team a call to talk about your requirements, and we will reach your site with concrete ready to be mixed in our volumetric trucks straight to your location.

What are the Benefits of Ready Mixed Concrete?

Quality Controlled Mix

Taking into consideration your specific needs, the Ready Mixed Concrete is tailored by experts at our company for any number of different applications, thus ensuring a superb quality.

Increased time efficiency

By delivering Ready Mixed concrete, our company can help you cut down labour hours as mixing concrete by hand is highly time-consuming and requires much physical effort. The process is especially critical for bigger and more commercialized projects, as paying one’s workforce to do it by hand is not cost-effective. The time saved by Ready Mixed concrete can be better spent on performing other important work hence making more economic sense.

Through using our concrete pumps as well as our range of delivery vehicles, get your concrete delivered without the fuss.

Friendlier for the environment

The company’s Ready Mixed Concrete undergoes a precise and carefully calculated mixing process to ensure waste products from the process are minimized. The mixing plant is also very efficient thus reducing the number of resources used therefore friendlier to the environment.

Only order what you will use

Ready Mixed concrete is highly suitable for several construction applications: each batch used can be accurately tailored to a customer’s requirements. Placing an order at the company guarantees you only pay for what one needs. There is no wastage as over-ordering is removed, thus assisting in maintaining the construction project budget and eventually making the most of one’s money.

Concrete Floor Screeds in St Helens

For a smooth, functional, and long-lasting finish, the company’s screed utilizes the best raw materials available. Not only does it use quality aggregate to make a range of different concrete floor screeds that are ready for tiling or final fix, but the company also offers mixes that can be subjected to a hard-wearing modern finish. Hence if you need a screen for external or internal flooring, commercial or domestic, we at All Mix Concrete can tailor solutions that are in line with your exact needs.

We operate through St Helens and adjacent areas, bringing you the benefits of our competent team in giving you expert advice, ensuring a cost-effective product that fits its purpose.

All Mix Concrete prides itself on ensuring customer satisfaction for all who are looking for a prompt, reliable, and quality floor screed service.

Concrete Flooring in St Helens

Concrete Floors are mainly set up in both domestic and commercial buildings, thus providing a durable, robust, solid floor or base within a more extensive and broader variety of settings. All Mix Concrete aims to deliver a wide array of concrete types suitable for any flooring, within any environment. The company pride itself on making sure that you get the correct solution for your individual needs.

To get a smooth finish, our company uses the best quality raw materials, which are essential and essential for any superior concrete flooring. Having the ability to mix on-site makes it possible to get the exact amount of concrete one needs.

All Mix Concrete has been providing concrete flooring of a high caliber to all types of customers throughout the St Helens region for many years. For any customer who wishes to undertake either a large commercial development or just a concrete floor for a household extension project, feel free to contact our expert team today.

Domestic Concrete St Helens

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