Concrete is a very durable and tough material however it will over time show signs of wear and tear and deterioration. This is especially when it comes to driveways and concrete that is constantly exposed to the elements. This is where resurfacing comes into play. Rather than having to start all over again concrete can be resurfaced to have it as good as new again. Here we will look at how to prepare for a resurfacing project of your concrete.


  • Always leave resurfacing to the professionals – Resurfacing should be done by professionals such as us as if it goes wrong it will end up costly, time consuming and messy. There are a few steps that need to be followed before a resurfacing project can begin.
  • Always ensure the concrete is fully cleaned – Before resurfacing the concrete must be completely clean and all traces of debris, dirt, paint, and sealants must be removed before it is resurfaced. If the concrete isn’t completely clean the resurfacing material will not bond to the concrete to ensure it is strong, so it is very important to ensure the concrete is fully cleaned.
  • Once the concrete is cleaned any bad areas and patches will be replaced and removed. Any small cracks are filled and larger cracks or dents in the concrete are patched up. These patched areas will be left to cure before the next stage of resurfacing takes place.
  • Once all the cracks and patched are cured the surface is then roughened which will allow the resurfacing material to bond properly. We will use a specialist tool to roughen the concrete.
  • Once the concrete is roughened, we can then add the resurfacing to ensure a smooth, slip resistant finish can be achieved.


Resurfacing is a fantastic way to restore your concrete surfaces. It can be a complicated process however we are the experts and will be able to make this a smooth process giving a brand-new look to your concrete surfaces.