Applying a finishing treatment to any floor surface is important to increasing its longevity, and staining concrete floors is no different. However, it’s not just for added strength that concrete floors are stained; there are a number of benefits to carrying out this process. Here are just a few…

Fire Resistance

Particularly beneficial for commercial and industrial environments, a floor that is resistant to fire could be a literal lifesaver in certain situations. Factories that use a lot of flammable materials, such as oils or timber, as well as spark-creating machinery, must be heavily guarded against the spread of fire should a blaze break out, and a concrete floor that’s been treated to defend against this is can play an important role in a building’s passive fire resistance setup.


Concrete is an incredibly robust material, with a compressive strength of over 4,500 pounds per square inch, but the surface of a concrete floor that is exposed to a lot of foot and machinery traffic is susceptible to a number of potential dangers. For example, scratches and cracks are common, and warping or buckling can sometimes occur due to the porous nature of the material.

A concrete floor that has been acid stained is protected against this however, and is also far less susceptible to peeling, chipping, discolouration and fading. The extra protection against water ingress also drastically reduces the risk of mould and mildew growth on the surface.

Energy Efficient

The key to increasing energy efficiency in most properties is to increase overall levels of heat insulation, and staining or treating a concrete floor goes a long way towards achieving this.

Although characteristically considered as a ‘cold’ flooring material, concrete’s ability to absorb and slowly release heat or coldness actually makes it more energy efficient in certain environments than covered floors (carpet, hardwood etc). A stained concrete floor increases this “thermal mass” further, reducing the reliance on heating and air conditioning systems.

Low Maintenance

Not only do stained concrete floors provide protection against impact damage, they are also very easy to keep clean. A simple sweep and mop will be sufficient for removing dirt and debris, and the staining treatment ensures that the floor remains resistant to scratches from a broom or mould growth due to standing water from mopping.

Where carpets will fade over time, a stained concrete floor will remain unblemished indefinitely. A simple polishing will return it to its former glory should it be necessary.


Although not classically chosen for its aesthetic appeal, concrete can be designed to complement any décor. While generally utilised in an industrial context, many are turning to concrete flooring at home for a unique and eye-catching interior design addition, particularly in bathrooms and kitchens.

A stained concrete floor can also be decorated or painted far more easily than other surfaces, making it a more flexible option to fit with your existing décor that can be altered accordingly in the future. There are even options for stained concrete to replicate other stone-based flooring materials in a more cost-effective and sustainable manner, such as granite, cobblestones, sandstone and more.

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